Justice Raoul C. Creencia (2014 Chairman)

Justice Raoul C. CreenciaGovernment Corporate Counsel RAOUL C. CREENCIA obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Major in Political Science) degree from the University of Santo Tomas. He pursued his Bachelor of Laws from San Beda College, and later got his Diploma in Law from the University of Sydney, Australia.

He began his professional career as an associate in the law office of Roberto Abad, now Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. In September 1996, he formed the Creencia & Carillo Law Offices, later renamed Creencia Carillo & Baldovino Law Offices, where he was connected for 14 years until his entry to government service.

Upon his assumption as Government Corporate Counsel in November 2010, he immediately embarked on his “back to basics” approach – his ABC Formula for Reforms – which stands for Able Lawyers, Better Service and Clearer Rules.

In-house lectures, various trainings and MCLE programs highlight his Able Lawyers Program. A successful zero-backlog program (on opinions, contract reviews and administrative cases) was implemented under the Better Service component, and he also continues to actively and constantly interface with GOCC lawyers through PAGCLAW. Finally, under his Clearer Rules program, GCC Creencia launched the 2011 Rules and Regulations of the OGCC, the 2012 Lawyers’ Manual, the 2013 Systems and Procedures Manual, and the Handbook for Lawyers in the GOCC Sector.